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Certification of products from Europe for the import to the EAEU and the Russian Federation

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Certification of products from Europe for the import to the EAEU and the Russian Federation

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  • What documents need to be prepared for the products sold in the EAEU and the Russian Federation?

    Every product sold in the Eurasian Economic Union and the Russian Federation must go through a mandatory conformity assessment process. During this procedure, the product testing is conducted and, in some cases, production audit is held.

    The result of the successful completion of the procedure is an issue of an authorization document of one type or another: certificate of compliance, declaration of conformity, certificate of state registration, license, notification, report etc.

    Technical regulation system at the EAEU and Russia may truly seem complicated for an untrained manufacturer or distributor since it is not a unified system but rather few separate systems operating alongside. The more technically complex a commodity is, the more systems it falls under. As a consequence, the more different authorization documents for that product will need to be issued.

    For instance, some multifunctional electronic products are subject to the requirements of five different systems simultaneously. Therefore, five different documents will need to be issued.

    In order to identify which systems a particular product falls within, it is necessary to review all the current regulations in the system (lists of products, lists of exclusions, execution rules…) and compare them with the features and characteristics of the product.

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Why are major manufacturers and distributors with us?

We change the way people look at permit documents: certificates and declarations. Their issuance is not our goal, but rather a means to an end.
Our goal is a legitimate circulation of your products on the EAEU and Russian markets.

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  • Total support at all stages

    We will answer all your questions, explain details, help with all the issues, show how it works, give an advice.

    We are always in touch and ready to help in any situation. We will answer all questions of our clients, therefore they will not need to look for the necessary information on the Internet or ask for advice on Facebook.

  • Tailor-made project logistics

    Current laws on technical regulation are variadic and dynamic, they often offer manufacturers different options: the best ways to import samples for testing, where to apply the EAU mark, when and how to bring samples for the inspection control, which production site to choose to issue the certificate, how to cluster products..The list of such factors can be huge.

    Each of these factors has its peculiarities and nuances which we tell our clients about. We also explain nuances of the legislation and notify about the changes in it.

    We do it for the sole purpose of providing our clients competent and deliberate choice based on a full knowledge of a given situation.

  • Our documents cause no trouble

    Our main secret is a partner network of reliable agencies and laboratories. The network includes only those we trust. Even if documents we issue are reviewed (and absolutely all permits are reviewed), our partners do not cancel them to avoid unnecessary problems, but prove their lawfulness to supervisory agencies.

    This secret would be useless without one more thing: we strictly follow all of the conformity assessment procedure rules. Products are actually tested, therefore we have no problems with providing test reports and any other evidentiary materials.

    Moreover, thanks to our partner network, our clients do not depend on one certification body, but can choose from several options based on their tasks.

You focus on your business – we manage all issues related to your products certification.

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